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Educational Toys Can Be Fun

    If you have a children or are buying a gift for a children, you want to make sure it¨s fun for the children. If you can make it educational as well, all the better. With that in mind, we¨re going to take a look at different functions of educational toys for babies or toddlers. Please remember that all children are different and may not like the same toys. Knowing a little bit about the baby helps. With that in mind, here¨s a list of different functions of educational toys for children.


Function 1: Eye-hand Coordination

Recommendation: 1220, 1221, 1222, 1223, 1224, 1225, 1232, 1233, 1234, 1235, 1242, 1243, 1244, 1245, 1246, 1247, 1248, 1251, 1252, 1253, 1254, 1262, 1281N, 1282N, 1283N, 1284N, 1285N, 1286N

Feature: simple shape, funny look, beautiful colors, safe

I recommendate the plastic block toys. With this kind of toys, babies can fill the shapes into the toy body through the corresponding windows, which can help babies recognise the shape and colors. These toys are with funny look, such as lovely animals, cars, planes, ships, so that babies would have fun with them and learn at the same time. What is more, most of these toys are with wheels on the bottom and a string in the front for babies to push and pull. They are the best tool for small children and babies.


Function 2: To Learn a Language

Recommendation: 1391E, 1390E, 1360E, 1364E, 1367E, 1366E, 1373E, 1371E, 1372E, 1377, 1399E, 1379E, 1338E, 1339E, 1347E, 1349E, 1368E, 1381E, 1369E, 1388E, 1389E

Feature: normative pronunciation, environmental materials, high quality

I recommendate the Alphabet and words learning machine. These kind of toys, can read every single letter for toddlers to learn. What is more, they can tell toddlers some simple words begin with the corresponding letter. These toys can also spell the words and sing a song to enhance toddlers¨ memory. They are the most suitable toys for preschool language learning.


Function 3: To Learn the Time

Recommendation: 1375E, 1376E, 1359E, 1351E, 1241

Feature: tell the time, funny look

I recommendate the simple learing clock toys and ^Tell the Time ̄ talking clock. This kind of toys could help babies and toddlers to learn the time. Some of them could even tell the time in English or Spanish, and show the time on the LCD screen. They¨re safe, fun, can make children laugh, and are a good way to teach too.


Function 4: To learn Numbers

Recommendation: 1380E, 1378E, 1383, 1377, 1367E, 1366E, 1388E, 1389E

Feature: tell numbers, quiz

I recommendate the phone toys and computer multifunctional learning toys. Telephone toys are always loved by children, which can also help them to learn the numbers. With lovely melody, they make children love to play and learn. They are the best toys for children basic education.


Function 5: To Know Animals

Recommendation: 1362E, 1361E, 1366E, 1367E, 1388E, 1389E, 1381E, 1369E, 1336E, 1341E

Feature: funny look, animal sounds, beautiful melody

I recommendate the learning toys with animal function. This kind of toys have funny animal look and animal sounds, which could help children know animals via funny experience. They could even be the most funny and wonderful gifts for babies.

Until next time, remember that buying toys for babies and toddlers is fun, but it can be educational too.





Write by: Crystal Du

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