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Something about educational toys

Educational toys and games from both China and abroad offer children a chance to learn about other nations' histories, cultures and lifestyles through play. On our visit, for example, we learned that the earliest known educational toys, made of clay, bone, wood and ivory, were found in ancient Egypt more than 5,000 years ago.

Toys are classified into five categories: construction (such as jigsaw puzzles), "lock" toys (like the "Nine Links" from the Song Dynasty, also known as Chineseor Cardan's Rings, are nine rings connected to a horizontal frame which must be removed or attached to the frame with a cunning procedure), travel toys, "turning" toys (for example, Rubik's Cube) and those involving all, or some, of the previous actions (like diamond chess, a form of Chinese checkers). Many have official or non-governmental organizations attached, such as the member clubs of the CTA, and are provided by the exhibition's sponsors, such as the China Kendama Association, Sancai Rubik's Cube Club and the Future Star Domino Club.

Liang Mei, deputy president and secretary general of the CTA told local media that educational toys play a positive role in developing interest and intelligence and can stimulate different senses, helping kids to learn about the world through their sensory responses.


Source: http://www.globaltimes.cn/www/english/metro-beijing/lifestyle/education&careers/2010-07/548804.html

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